A Model For Environmental Sustainability In Education Seminar
at SMAN 10 Malang Sampoerna Academy Day-2

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Model For Environmental Sustainability In Education was the topic for a great presentation
by Mr.Ronald Stones OBE, the director of the Green School Project in Bali.
The green school is a very natural school located about 25 minutes north of Denpansar.
The green school works hard to be as environmentally friendly as possible. All of buildings
are made from bamboo. All furniture like desks, tables, chairs, and even basketkball hoops
are also made from bamboo. It’s very beautiful.
It is an international school which has 80% of students from many other countries and 20% from
Bali local schools who get scholarship from the Green School.

There are 3 main drivers in this school :
a. 3 essential elements “English, Mathematic, and Science”
b. Green Studies, a hands of study which evolves from nature study to study of ecology to environment.
c. Creative art and Embracing arts.
The motto is very good, that is “Learning by Doing” it means that the students do more hands-on
activities instead of just studying from the book. For example, students have to make a construction
of bamboo. The school provided engineers as consultant. They gave instructions to make buildings from
bamboo. Next, the students designed their models and teacher gave them the materials.
When the students are hungry, their is a “green warung”. They can make juice by themselves. Don’t
you know that they pick the fruit arround their school? wow… this is very interesting, right?
That’s all the materials of presentation.

The participants of presentation were some teachers from other schools, some teachers from SMAN 10 Malang,
and some students from SMAN 10 Malang Sampoerna Academy,

there are from X.1 (Dewi T.Setyaningrum,
Evi Susilowati, Dara Karina R, and Widyawati Putri), and from X.2 (Angga Khoirul Imam, Axellina Muara S.,
Iftitahul Farina Y, Renggalis Mayong K). They are very enthusiastic during the presentation. They asked
many questions about the green school and how to use the bamboo construction at SMAN 10 Malang. We hope it will become true one day.

Reported by :Axell,         Dara,                  Thata,        Dewi

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