SMAN 10 Malang Sampoerna Academy has joined Toyota Eco Youth Programme in Jakarta it has held on 3th – 8th March 2010. It’s kind of environmental competition at school which gives the positive
impact for society the teachers who flight to go to Jakarta are Dra. Hj. Niken Asih Santjojo, M.Pd as our headmasterss, Mrs. Vina, Dra. Tipuk Ujianti Indriyaningsih. And the students are Ricky Sudiarto Putra, Yusuf Adi Putra, Rony Vayayang, and Rizky Nur Zairina.


The competition was really amazing. We can meet the other students from 22 senior high school in Indonesia. There are 2 category in TEY competition, those are presentation competition and the whole  TEY competition. Alhamdulillah SMAN 10 Malang include in the best 6 of presentation but unfortunately there is only a winner. We loose in this TEY 5. Nevertheless, we always try to be the best and keep our environment.
The best 6 of presentation will present in front of the audience in Jakarta Convention Center. At the time, there is also Eco Product International Fair. That was a good chance for us and we wear the unique recylce clothes. We present about our technology “ontel Kompos” and display “solar cooker”. We met many people with different characteristics from other cities and countries. We can chare and learn with them about nature and environment.
We also got chance to visit some places in Jakarta such as JCC, TMII, DUFAN, and Toyota Factory. We can get knowledges there. Besides, we have so many friends with different cultures from Sabang until Merauke.
TEY Competition give advantages for us. We more concern with our environment and get knowledges about technology from other school who join in TEY. Although we can’t be the winner, but SMAN 10 malang will always concern with environment.
I hope we can be better in Toyota Eco Youth 6 next year. Let us make our earth to be green !!! (green earth community)

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